Is currently InfoSafe Certified:

The InfoSafe team at INVISUS has certified that meets or exceeds the minimum recommended standards recommended by federal, state and industry regulations for protecting their customer's information against identity theft and fraud.

Work and Shop with Confidence!

With identity theft and cyber-crime at epidemic levels, it's more important now than ever to be careful about whom you do business with and where you shop. When doing business with an InfoSafe™ Certified business, you can be confident knowing your personal information is secured and kept private, protecting you against potential identity theft and fraud.

A Higher Standard
Businesses who are awarded the InfoSafe certification have invested in and implemented industry-leading information security practices and safeguards to protect your personal information. They comply with the requirements of virtually all major federal, state and industry regulations including Red Flags Rule, GLBA, HIPAA and PCI compliance.

In other words, this is a business that takes your privacy and security seriously. It's a business you can trust.

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We'll help resolve security or privacy disputes with InfoSafe Certified businesses.

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InfoSafe for Businesses
Compliance and protection made easy.

InfoSafe is the leading information privacy and security compliance certification service for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. With InfoSafe, you'll comply with the minimum requirements in virtually all federal, state and industry data security regulations. And you'll earn the trust and confidence of your customers and employees by protecting against the accidental exposure or theft of their information.

It's not just SAFE business. It's SMART business.

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