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Video Sending Encrypted Files to a Computer Without INVISUSCrypt Installed
Using this encryption method ensures the file will stay protected during transfer and allow those who do not have INVISUSCrypt installed to open and view it.  This is especially useful when sending information to clients.

Encrypt the document by creating an executable:
  • Right-click on the document and highlight INVISUSCrypt.
  • In the menu that comes up, click on Encrypt copy to .EXE.
  • Type in the passphrase needed to decrypt and verify it by typing it again.
  • Click on OK.
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Notice that the original copy of the file still exists and is not encrypted.  The copy that is created is full protected and ready for transport.  All the person will need is the passphrase to decrypt.

**Note:  Do not send the passphrase in the same email as the encrypted document.  It is best to find some other form of communication to provide the passphrase.