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About InfoSafe Certification

InfoSafe is a comprehensive cybersecurity framework solution that provides organizations with the necessary structure, best practices and implementation of safeguards related to information security and privacy including compliance with major cybersecurity standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, NIST, SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR, state laws, and more.

Businesses and organizations can become InfoSafe Certified by implementing and maintaining the minimum required regulatory and industry standards for information security and privacy. Certification provides important third-party validation that an organization has a comprehensive information security plan and follows the latest best practices for data security and privacy.

Upon certification, organizations receive the InfoSafe Certified seal for use on websites, social media and customer privacy notices, assuring customers of their commitment to proactively protecting their confidential and sensitive information. InfoSafe Certified businesses and organizations are largely considered a more trusted and cyber-safe place to conduct business.

InfoSafe is an INVISUS cyber risk management solution.

Disclaimer: INVISUS, LLC makes no representation or warranty as to the business activities or operations of this organization and whether its systems are secure from an internal or external attack. Please contact the company displaying the InfoSafe Certification seal if you have questions about their products, services or need customer support.